I made a terrible mistake
A terrible terrible one
I trusted the weather of my hometown!
How could I!

A sunny day it was
A funny thought occured
“Aee aju pardaina paani
Akash ma tann tann gham channi”

All was fine that day,
It was full of fun and gay,
But suddenly what’s that hey,
A Drop of water on my face
See told you, I had to pay.

It rained..
Not cats and dogs,
It rained
Lions and tigers that day.

Had bid my friend a byee
No shelter caught my eye
So jogging started I.

My footsteps I could hear
But another’s was also near
I speeded my steps
It speeded its…

I stopped, it stopped
Surprisingly no raindrop touched me now!
Up tilted my head
And a big colourful umbrella greeted my eyes.

My eyes followed downwards the handle,
A hand ,
A face,
A smiling face,
A smiling happy face,
A smiling happy face with a tooth missing,
No hair,
Maroon dress!

“Thank you” I croaked,
She only smiled,
Tilted her head side to side.
She moved with a rythm,
One I could not catch.

I gave her a shy glance,
Her walk was like a dance,
And I told her in advance ,
If a shelter is found
I will hold my ground.

Again that head tilted,
Something within me melted.
A shop on the way,
Pointed my fingers that way
We both entered its shelter.

“Go ahead” I said,
Flashing that tootless smile again,
She entered the shop
With a kind of hopp
Came back with two Munch
Handed me one “Baabbaaaaii”
And Off she went…

Standing there I watched her dance,
All along she danced not walked,
Half way, she turned back,
Gestured me to eat the Munch.
Ripping the packet open,
I took a munch of that Munch
Believe me it was the best lunch.

She moved forward,
That huge colourful umbrella
Dancing in her rythm.
I hope I meet my new friend again
My toothless monk friend again..


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