Lamp of our nights

A stroll across the terrace,

In that slow motion heroine feel

I looked up at the magnificent sky.

The vast space so meticulous
Embedded with a rotund lamp of night,
And teeny-tiny torches lit,
Something gently sundered within.

The zephyr swaying my hair,
My blue scarf wavering behind,
And the redolenece from no particular source,
I breathed in the scent of nostalgia.
Sneezing away to glory
I let it pass…

The wind still caressing my hair
Better than my old lover,
I smiled at a thought of a lover.
An old song tarrying in the air,
I let a small giggle mix with it
Adding a little swril with my frilly skirt…

Far away, a tree whispered,
I couldn’t get far to that sight,
But I knew in that shady light,
It fell in love with that lamp of night.
How long will the tree live?
A thought to it I give.
And so benign the answer is wispered:

Till love is claimed no figure…


2 thoughts on “Lamp of our nights”

  1. wow. I loved your poetry. Following you now. Its always nice to come across a fellow countryman in wordpress. I am going to click that follow button in that slow motion heroine feel.

    Liked by 1 person

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