Showers of blessings

After Anantapur (Sri Sathya Institute of Higher Learning)

Having studied in the abode of God, the outside world looked a bit too dazzling at first. I stumbled a few times, not knowing how to deal with certain things. After three years I entered the world again with weapons of love, kindness and peace. It was like being born again, everything was new and alien to me. Things didn’t go as I thought it would, many hurdles came and I have to admit, my faith shook. Many a times I questioned His omnipresence, many a times I fought with Him asking him to answer my unanswered prayers. Well I just wanted an easy way out, I wanted him to take decisions for me and I would blindly follow them. As time passed I realized I didn’t have to scream out to him because he was residing in me, sometimes I would just talk to myself saying “what if I had this” and the next moment I would have that. Just like a genie He would fulfill my wishes. 
Since all the sisters of ‘Sai Daughter’ were working hard to collect funds, I thought I could help too by making some things and selling them…for funds. It was a trend of dream catchers so I started making them. People started buying it and I was collecting pretty good amount of money. I would see the designs from the internet and try to make similar ones. One day I ran out of feathers and I decided that I would get it from the market. That day I wanted to make a dream catcher which would have red feathers as I had seen a beautiful picture of it in the internet. But during my previous visit to the craftshop, the shopkeeper had told me that red feathers were not in stock so I was a bit sad. And I thought to myself that it would have been so nice had I got red feathers. I went to the market with my mother and brought feathers of different colours (red was still not available) . While returning home we had to pass a Church, since it was quite late it had become a bit dark. As we were walking, suddenly my eyes caught a glimpse of some red coloured things on the floor just outside the church. I bent down to take a good look at it. Low and behold…red feathers they were. One, two, countless numbers of red feathers carpeted my way! I kept on picking it just like a small child giggling all the way to glory. I kept on picking it till my hands were full, then I walked fast to catch up with mother with tears in my eyes knowing what had just happened. When my mother saw red feathers in my hands she asked me where I got it from and I just smiled and said “God sent it”.
He knows what we want and for that we dont need to keep on asking him for it. Ask him once with sincerity and love, you will get it. Call it coincidence or call it anything but just think about it, the feathers fallen outside the church had to be red in colour? Why not any other colour? And why did it have to be me to see them?  
Feather is just a small weightless thing I know but doesn’t it amaze you? How he sent it to me? Imagine how I felt when my path was carpeted with what I wanted that was magical, simlpy magical. I did not pick up feathers from the road that day, I picked up precious jewels of love which hangs above my bed everyday….


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