Social networking

With all the social networking site,

Trying to calm your inner fights?
Hey you girl/boy/man/woman
The cheerful smiles on your screen
“They are so happy” that doesn’t mean
Even that girl so lean
Might also be suffering from the age of teen.
Skinny jeans and her top of crop,
After the photo, may have drop,
In a changing room of one shop!
A girl on his lappy,
And you think they happy,
Believe me they just evolved from the stage of wearing nappy.
A good caption on their picture?
Let me tell you, is no fixture!
Your screen, hey you yes your screen
Maybe not all, but most is a fein.
Do you think I am done?
No I am not done because I am no Donne,
My poem may not reach to all
But you know where the pieces fall,
Don’t be a fool
This networking site for some
Is just a tool to act all cool.
A medium of communication
Now made the space for commentation
Of verbal fightings and shocking interpretations..
A choice is always given
In which way things should be driven
Is the land not enough
That we occupy even the technological space?
I repeat my self again with no one to disgrace
This networking site “for some”
Is just a tool to act cool.


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