The Hauting words

So many words I wanted to say
Left unsaid..
But it hung around in the air,
Always echoing somewhere.
I tried to catch it to burry,
My hands here and there in hurry.
Ghostly words..haunting
Always daunting!
Like the buzz of the fastest bee,
The hiss of the poisonous snake,
Like the hidden cricket in the bush,
That constant ghost words
Hushing and hissing,
Never lets me live in peace ,
Never lets me live in peace..
Metallic cross I hold,
Suddenly be all bold,
Exorcism it is today ,
Each and every word
Will go to my Lord.
No more haunting
No more daunting.
Be quiet…
Let me catch it..
There it is,
Those words murmuring,
Wherever I move it moves along,
Let me get hold of the source!
Then it will be over..
Following the sound
Where do I reach?
Mirror..where in the mirror? 

My frantic reflection.

Oh dear..No..
No..this can’t be
Its me..its in me?

Inside me it was borne?
I am the source?
Am I…?


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