Book pillow

How beautiful it is

To fall asleep on top of a book
“So lazy!” feels the ones who look
But the sleeper only knows
What kind of a sleep the book shows.
Dreams of letters
Which never does fetter,
Crossing the horizon
Taking the sleeper to a paradise,
Of the sun and moon together in the sky
Where the sleeper can also fly
And bid world a goodbye.
The air whispers sweet words of love
A breathtaking flight of a white dove,
Beneath a radiant bower
Fully laden with exotic flowers,
Spreading fragrance of beauty
Lulling the sleeper to a more better sleep.
The book is the softest pillow,
The sleeper fallen so below,
Its hard to bring her back
All the power to do so you will lack.
Let her sleep,
Her dreams are deep
In which you cant ever peep.
So let her be
Go find a book
Dont just stop and look..
Because it is beautiful to fall asleep
On top of a book.


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