Awaken Thy Past (ATP)

​Sun rises first in the morning,

Can there be a place where it doesn’t?

Let me take you to a place,
God’s most beloved space,
Where the bell ringer never lost her pace.
She rose before the sun,
I am sure her favourite too was the bun,
Eating bun ok not the hair bun
Because I am trying not to make a pun!

Eight and hundred dings were dong,
Some ears heard a sweet song,
The others were dreaming for far too long.
Sleepy eyes and lazy legs,
Dashing here and dashing there
Pantry dear we finally are here!
Supra greetings dear God,
But wake thy self first “Oh Lord”!
Roll call taken by that girl so tall,
I think my friend beside me is about to fall.
Sleepy head I say,
But all she wanted was her bed to lay.

Just like home, there would be morning tea,
But only one ladle! Half more was our plea.
Folded legs and empty cups,
Talking about innumerable stuffs,
To reach your room you were last,
Just to find your bath line has already passed!
Inviting bed and your sleepiness,
Remember how you slept past the breakfast bell?
Hastily covering nighty with half saree
And managing to sneak with all the “tayaree”.

Audi prayers,
There is a guest this morning?
Oh you hope its not boring,
But the sister beside you is already snoring!

Classes full of Godliness,
One more experience you would plead,
Honestly was it trick or treat?
Shaking sleepiness from your seat,
You would give sleep a nice beat,
And wonder how the girl in front has a hair so neat.

Finally lunch time!
Your favourite spinach daal,
I can still get that taste so yumm..
And that butter milk
Which tasted more like silk.

Drowzy classes after lunch,
Half closed eyes of the whole bunch.
Making it till the last bell,
Rushing for snacks with your bagpacks,
Praying for jim-jam or is it puffed rice poha?

Bhajan time it would be.
Washing face and combing hair,
Keeping place hey that wasn’t fair!
Closed eyes and clapping hands,
The sound best among any bands,
Because this is God’s own little land.

Last of all the meal,
And then its time for your mouths to seal,
But we all know that wasn’t the deal,
Midnight snacks we all had is what I feel.
The world’s best rasam
Is of ATP I kasam!

Those terrace walks,
And all those talks.
Sipping milk from the cups,
Talking about past present and future,
All these while the moon smiled from up above.

Study hours were more of gossip hours,
Books opened but did you study?
Only the most studious ones did
And missed all the fun.

And like that every night passed..
Waiting for our bell ringer to wake up first,
Because she rose before the sun
I am sure her favourite too was the bun,
Eating bun ok not the hair bun
Because I am trying not to make a pun!


21 thoughts on “Awaken Thy Past (ATP)”

  1. its awesome…!! i could rewind my beautiful days in ATP…Thank u soooo much since u penned it so well..Awaiting some more….


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