Hasty Blessing

We walked that meadow
Hand in hand.
The lush green grass
Rustling from their own love making.
The flower fragrance,
Wispering sweet melody of love.
Sweaty palms and nervous glances,
Pounding hearts and shy admirance.

Life is a love song
For which I always longed,
And here you are smitten by my love.

You wont leave me..will you?

I breathlessly question,
Behind my ears you tuck a strand of hair

you say
And I am so convinced.
Teasing me, you let my hand go.
Running far off
You no longer appear visible..
Scared I call your name,

My blessing cant leave me so fast!

Dont be so hasty Oh Love..
Not so hasty.
I try to find you
Before calling you one last time,
I close my eyes
Remembering that this is so beautiful,

Because dreams are meant to be beautiful,

I wake myself up
Wake up Dear Self,
Its time..wake up.


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