Bathroom, the secret passage


“Chipy chipy Chip and Dale..!” Who remembers that song from the cartoon Chip and Dale (Donald Duck)?

Oh how I loved it, the notorious little squirrles running here and there. The forest, the tree and the happy surrounding in which they lived had already implanted a utopia in my mind. I believed there existed a place like that in which the Chip and Dale lived and played. They did not have to go to school, they did not have to do their homework, they did not have to wait for Saturdays and Sundays. I envied those little squirrels for all their job was to play, fight, run, eat.
Cartoons have played a big role in my over-imagination. I believed what I saw in television to be true,I believed in magic, in spells, in “Wingardium Leviosa”, in being hit by a truck and getting up in the shape of the tire of that truck…and pheww so many more things.
But beside that my sisters have the biggest role in my over-imagination (for which I am actually very thankful ).
Being the smallest one among the three sisters, I was and well I am the most innocent one, even though my sisters would never agree to that. Well I’ll leave that to the readers to decide.
I was very small to understand many things when this incident happened. My sisters  were notorious just like Chip and Dale. They had deep secrets which they wouldn’t wanna share with me. I was always very very curious to know what was behind their stolen smiles, hidden laughters and some secret signs. When I asked them about it, they made me more curious by whispering in each others ears. Imagine how tormented that little girl might have felt!
My two elder sisters would enter the bathroom together and wouldn’t come out even after five minutes. You have no idea about how many things a child can imagine within that five minutes. I would knock at the door but they wouldn’t open, I would press my ears at the door to listen whats happening inside but only whispers would I hear. Then I would bang the door, still they wouldn’t open and lastly what can a little girl do..I would cry and call mother.
This thing kept happening for quite some time. And one fine day the revelation happened. These two notorious sisters of mine would steal supari (beatle-nut) from my grandfather’s room and they ate it inside the bathroom. I know that sounds gross but they actually did it. Not only supari but I believe they smuggled Wai Wai too inside the bathroom. Now, when I confronted them about this, they told me something which I believed even five years afterwards.
I live adjacent to a huge forest whose trees can be touched by throwing a stone from our terrace. First they made me promise that whatever they were going to tell me would be a secret between the three of us (Being part of their secret was such an honour for that small Priyanka). I made my promise by doing what we usually did as a sign of promise, drew an invisible cross with my fingers on my chest. I remember how my father made us make a cross with both our index fingers over our mouths, well that was his way of taking out the truth from us. Mind you we are Hindus.
After the promise was made they finally told me why they entered the bathroom together. Whatever I am narrating henceforth is what my sisters told me.
There lived two tiny humans inside the closest tree from my house. There names were Tweety and Sweety. They were so tiny so as to have a house inside the tree. They were my sisters friends and would invite them everyday to their house. To my question as to how they could fit inside a tiny house that too built inside a tree, they replied they could just fit in. I imagined they would transform themselves into Tweety Sweety’s size (told you about my over-imagination). Everything was tiny inside their house, from bed to table and chair, from their cutlery to the size of food they ate.Their favourite thing to munch on was ‘supari’  (beatle-nut) but since they were very tiny they couldn’t eat the whole one so they would prefer the tiny bits which my grandfather kept on his table (tiny bits refers to the leftovers of the ‘supari’ my grandad took out from his mouth and kept aside in his tableūüėĚ)
That is why my sisters picked those up and entered the bathroom together because our bathroom had a secret passage which reached Tweety Sweety’s house.  We had a secret passage in our house! Tweety Sweety even loved Wai Wai so they stole it from the cupboard and took it for them. After hearing this I too wanted to meet them, see their house, transform myself into a very tiny girl but my sisters said they wouldn’t like it. Tweety Sweety wouldn’t like to meet me. That broke my heart. And I backed off. They kept taking food for their friends and I kept envying them.
I was in kindergarten or class 1 when this happened. Later when i reached some class 4 or 5 I asked my sisters about why they wouldn’t visit Tweety Sweety these days, well i got my answer with their hearty laughter…


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