So many romantic stories, so many Romeos and Juliets, but have you ever wondered about the most beautiful Love story? The love story of the Sun and the Sky?
Don’t you ever fathom about it?
Don’t you ever wonder about how their light of love shines on us?
No..? Never..?
I woke up very early one day to steal a glimpse of their tryst. The Sun and the Skys.
I know I know that sounds mean, I mean to spy on their romance. But come on I wanted to see how they meet. So I had made up my mind, all prepared I went to the verrandah, sat on a chair very silently (I didn’t  want them to be shy and hide away). The distant chirping of birds acted like a signal for this tryst. Far from one corner an orange light glowed, lifted itself slowly and steadily. It rose, the sky all birds in view and as the sun journeyed towards its beloved Sky, she blushed all the way to glory so as to become so sanguinely beautiful just like a bride, her reflection casting upon her beloved as well. This meeting of the Sun and her beloved reminded me of our Hindu wedding ceremony of the groom applying vermilion on the bride’s forehead…the Sky colouring the Sun red. I sighed so loudly at this spine-raising, heart-stopping, spine-tingling sight that the Sky hid his beloved from me and far,only a yellow patch was all I could see…


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