Life in Fragments

I’d write a poem or two

Yet the words from my pen 
Never seizing to fall.
One by one
On the sheet, orphaned.
Some memories etched
Itching somewhere
I cannot spot.
Some ache
Uncomfortably settled.
Some happiness
So happening
No words but a blank space
Would do the task.
Day turning into night
And night into day
Unravelling truthful delights
So mysterious my life
So mysterious this life.
Seasons unfold,
Yesterday was winter
Oh so cold!
Today is summer
This beautiful warmth..
I hear a child’s cry
I wonder if its for the biggest candy
Just like I.
Then i hear anothers laughter
Did this one get that candy?
How sounds take us back
In a fleeting moment here
In a fleeting moment there.
Looking up
The clear blue sky
I see clouds drawn by i
When a kid.
Giggles i gigg
Arms wide open,
Welcome sadness
Welcome happiness;

Welcome life.


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