​My eyes catch a sight of a tree,

Old wise and free

It’s creepers hanging

Haywire all midair dangling

Some flooded over the floor

Taking me back to a locked door.

Almost forgotten and sour.

She lived nearby
Her hair all deadlocks
Just like that tree’s creepers.
Placing my feet on her threshold
That pungent smell first hitting my nose.
That weird dark cold house,
A temple? I don’t know what to call it.
A diety was adorned,
Three spikes of metal
Pointing upward was rooted
Rice grains, red powder, beads…
It’s all vague now,
But her face and
Eyes so piercing
As if she knew me more than me.
She mostly wore red
The colour now my favourite, its just a coincidence.
Two daughters
We are three
Friends we were all, playmates.
One out of two
Came home out of the blue
A box in her hand,
For you said she.
Another moment
In my hand did it land.
Two gems twinkled
It reflected my eyes
My eyes reflected it
And on and on.
Pink and strangely i don’t remember,
Neither do I remember thanking
Nor do I remember keeping
For the very next day it was gone.
Soon forgotten gems
Time travelled
And I stand before this tree
Which is old wise and free.


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