My Cold December

It was cold as always and the wind was chilly, nose pinching. She walked with her head bowed so as to avoid direct contact with the pinchy cold wind, else her nose would turn red.

She walked swiftly, her worn out boots tapping against the road.

Hands inside her overcoat pockets, ears covered with her not so thick hair which wavered along the wind,   kneck warmed with knitted muffler, a mind full of nothing but mumble-jumble, she walked towards the quiet and serene Mall Road to clear her mind.

Time was taking a sprint at the moment and she couldn’t stop it. Everything was happening so fast! She wanted to scream, wanted to rewine her life’s cassette but that wasn’t happening. What’s done is done and there’s no going back, but that feeling which haunts you after you have done something bad can only be understood by someone who has done bad. She stopped for a moment and calmed herself down.

The green wooden benches were inviting, she sat down crossing her arms, trying to warm herself more. Her breath was foggy and so was her future…

Soon the air was filled with the aroma of tea and as she turned towards her left a lady, not much older than her sat on a stool making tea in a stove. She made her way towards the lady and asked for a cup of tea. After a minute or so the lady handed her a small glass of tea with a beautiful smile. The tea was hot but she loved to clasp it with both her hands as her hands were always freezing.

The tea tasted not only as good as its aroma but also as the tea makers smile. She paid the lady her money and started walking again.

She was walking but she wasn’t conscious of her surrounding, what would she do now? Where was she heading to? Everything was uncertain.

She thought to herself “tomorrow everyone will come to know what I have done. The police will start searching for me. Where shall I hide? Shall I take someone’s help? they’l probably think all was my fault..”

As she was going through all these thought she felt some water droplets on her face, and suddenly…suddenly it started raining.

She started running, as fast as she could but soon she ran out of breath. It wasn’t cold anymore, her cheeks burnt and her heart beated…abnormally.

A little further there was a small shop, she went and stood outside the shop whose extended rooftop saved her from the drenching rain. Folding her arms she closed her eyes and in front of her she could only see him covered in blood.

How could she explain it to people why she had done it? And why should she explain? He was cold! His heart was frozen and he was turning her cold as well. The last time they met, she expected the most warm hug from him like all the girls expect from their  lover. And what did she recieve? Nothing but a frozen hug!  Atleast a warm smile but he was nothing but cold. He had to for this treachery.

Today he was punished, sent to the coldest part. Frozen people dont belong to her life.

How satisfied she had felt when she saw him collapse before her, grinning she turned and walked away. But after she had taken some few steps, realization hit her. She had killed him, she had killed someone who was somebody’s son, somebody’s brother but most importantly she was her love. Now she almost cried, what had she done!

Standing there outside the small shop, the cold caught her once more. It was as if He was trying to reach her, pulling her towards the cold where he belonged.

Her heart felt heavy, she needed an escape.


This time when she shut her eyes and slowly opened it she wasn’t standing anymore, she was in her room, lying on her bed. She sat up straight, was she dreaming? But it was all so real. Had she killed him?


Her phone started ringing and as she saw the name on her phone screen, a chill ran her spine. It was him.

She kept staring at her phone until it stopped ringing. Again it rang, this time she recieved it and as she pressed the phone against her ears, the familiar voice said “Good morning!” and her reply wasn’t what he expected..all she could say was “Thank God you are alive”.

It was such a long dream…


4 thoughts on “My Cold December”

  1. 1.Is it necessary to understand something you need your own experiences to evaluate it. It will be biased on the thought that people have experienced.
    2.Wow.. . the feeling is amazing to clasp a hot tea both hands on a chilly weather.
    3.Everything was uncertain. . majja nai tesma cha ni
    4.. It was just a dream. . . ha ha

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