Forbidden Reality

Flood of memories

Drought of answers,

Landslides of probabilities,

Earthquake of reality,

Jerking  my whole being..

Shaking my faith.

Forces of nature pushing me through,

Time travel pulling me more.

Let me stop..stop please!

My own voice screaming within,

Deafening my ears..

More as my hands press against my ears,

Growing louder with time.

“Tell me what is this life?”

I scream within.

“You already know!” Comes the devil’s reply

Surprisingly  from within.

My only escape…Sleep it is.

Eyes shut and there it is..

Sweet Reality..forbidden Reality!

Here I hold my life’s purpose!!!

“This is the purpose of my life”

Over and over I tell myself.

My eyes open and as soon as the darkness vanishes..

With it vanishes the reality.

What was it? What was the purpose of my life?

Oh Wretched me…wretched me…


8 thoughts on “Forbidden Reality”

    1. This actually happened to me. A couple of times when I was asleep I felt that this is it like I have found my life’s purpose..that satisfaction about “being” overcame but when I woke up it was all gone.


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