Another realm of Reality

Exams approached and my long lost Sleep returned with more zeal. With a literature sheet in one hand, my eyes went to my other hand’s wrist watch which showed 10am. Sleep took me off to its own land.

On my feet I was, my ears rang with hymns I cannot recall, “Her mother has come” shouted someone. Crowded terrace boosted my curiosity, “Whose mother?” I asked. “My mother” came a voice from behind. Pushing Her way through the crowd, my gaze following her long black shinny hair swinging all the way. As She reached the spot, I spotted an aunty whose face was hers, just a bit aged and spectacles added, she stood amidst the crowd holding a girl child wearing pink frock. I could hear their giggles, and nothing more. The crowd drained from the terrace making their way to God knows where but excited me made my way towards this little bundle of giggles I was witnessing.

As I made my way towards them they walked along with the crowd and I couldn’t get hold of them.

I could just get hold of the sheet!

With a jolt I got up rubbing my eyes, my watch showed 10.05 am. Five minutes! “You cannot afford to sleep!” I scolded myself and walked towards the washroom. Entering the washroom, rubbing my eyes again, “Hi dii” came a voice from the front. “I just dreamt of you!” was all I could say, forgetting about her “Hi”. Excited She asked me about it. More excited I placed the entire episode before her which was still running in mind. Her expressions changed and Her eyes had a sudden sparkle which I couldn’t understand. “Your mother looked just like you in my dreams” I said, “yes dii she looks like me” She replied. “Now dont tell me you have a younger sister” I said half laughing, ” yes i have a younger sister” came a confident reply.

Surprised I smiled and entered the washroom. With a “Thank you dii!” She went to Her room.

Throughout that day, which ever corner I came across Her, She thanked me. Thanked me for seeing that five minutes dream?

Yes..well that was wierd.

Nevermind, after dinner as I waited for my turn to wash my plate she stood next to me. That dream still playing in my mind I asked “ls your mother a teacher?”,

She looked at me for sometime,

almost scaring me,


and said “My mother… She is no more”.

It was surely like a bolt of thunder, a sudden chill passed through my spine. That uncountable “thank you dii”, that strange sparkle in her eyes when I was telling Her my dream.. Everything was so clear.

Disturbed and obviously a bit scared I was in my room, sitting on my bed when someone close to Her came to me and told me about how She had cried some days ago saying that She misses her mother. And this dream came to me like a message from Her mother, reminding Her that though She can never be physically present near Her, She will find her way to reach out to Her, no matter what.

I still dont understand why it was me who had to see that dream but considering how I would be the first person to meet Her after five minutes, God would have planned it all (maybe it was an emergency dream!).


Was it just a coincidence or more than just a coincidence, doesn’t really matter. What matters is that that girl was heard by her mother who now belongs to another realm of reality. We often try to reason things out, but in reality, deep down, each one of us knows that there are somethings which does not have any explanation and which is better left unexplained.



4 thoughts on “Another realm of Reality”

  1. I am more of a travel blogger & it’s pretty easy to jot down the facts .But yours is more like a creative writing 😀A good one intact .Hope to write like this someday soon👍🏼

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